Business made simple

Business doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s better for you and your customers if it’s not. If you want to learn how to build a simple business that fits around the life you want to live, you’re in the right place.


I’m Lucy Fuggle, a writer, simple business owner, and adventurer. I’m also the author of…

Saying, “No, actually, I don’t want any more clients” or “I’m good without scaling” takes courage because it’s not the philosophy most embrace. In fact, many people would probably scratch their head at these ideas. Why would you want to pass up new opportunities!?

But what if it’s smart? As well as giving you a tonne of time to lounge around, explore, or be creative, what if keeping things small and nimble creates a resilient business that can withstand change, easily pivot, and reliably support a life you love? 

Simple Business

Kind words about the book

“That thing you wrote above? Genius. What a great way to express it. Simple. It’s not a new thing to say, you just said it better than anyone else. I have a massive urge to quote you right now. But I won’t of course. I’ll wait patiently until the book is published.”
– Rod

“I loved it. As usual, you brought your charm and no BS style of writing, which I love. I can’t wait for it to be in the hands of people who truly need to hear the messages. Thank you for reminding me what it means to be a business owner and CEO that is aligned with core values and currencies rather than societal expectations of ‘success.'”
– Jade

“Let me say this: I REALLY LIKE IT! It resonates with almost everything I think of about business and life. I will def buy a copy. Count me in as one of your 1,000.”
– Dennis

“It’s a really motivational read! You ask for places where the reader gets bored and there were none from my side. Your knowledge, passion, and wise words hooked me through to the end!”

“Not only did the book give me courage and inspiration for my future life coaching dream: It helped me right now. Your words helped me to realise that work is not something negative to desperately get away from and that inactivity does not equal rest or fulfillment. If work is seen as any activity that comes easily to us, creates value for others and helps us to express ourselves through creativity and action, it is a wonderful concept.”
– Juli

“I think you’ve got something good and different from the usual ‘how to be a ceo’ book. It is fresh and refreshing as well as inspiring and full of hope (that we can do things in a way that makes us happier!).”
– Candela

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What is the point of working for yourself if not to work less and live more?

Being a business owner can be your road to ownership of your time, location, creativity, and peace of mind. But your work needs to be designed that way – and protected.

Here, writer, business owner, and adventurer Lucy Fuggle asks what it would look like if it were easy. To simplify everything and create a business that works for you, your customers, and the world, without the hustle and grind.

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